The Annual Winter Ball


We believe that giving is better than receiving.  Therefore, 100% of proceeds go directly to our beneficiary of the year.

What started as a birthday party for a 15-year-old girl has now grown to a major fundraiser that benefits local charities and organizations each year!

That 15-year-old girl grew up to become Miss Oklahoma 2010, and 4th Runner-up to Miss America 2011.  Oklahoma runs deep in her veins, and she and her husband, their families, and friends are dedicated to the longevity of this family tradition!

The Annual Winter Ball - 15 years of giving lavishly, and sharing generously! 

100% of proceeds each year go to that beneficiary!  We keep nothing, and give everything to the charity.


15 Years

Give lavishly,

share generously.

Coming again February of

2016!!!  Our family is

taking a hiatus in 2015

to welcome another family member! 

Plan to join us again in 2016!

We Keep it Local